PCO Car Hire - Pros and Cons

There are many pros and cons to think about when It comes to Hire a PCO ready Car. Always different from the person to person and their circumstances.

When it’s come to PCO Car Hire, the following questions you may ask yourself!

1. Is it worth to hire a PCO ready Car for my Private Hire Work?

2. Is it worth to buy a car for my Private Hire Driving?

3. Which car will be an excellent benefit for my Private Hire Work? Electric or Hybrid?

Well, we know it isn’t easy to choose with the current global situation.

That is why we believed that you could do some homework and rethink the options before any commitments. In this article, we will point out some pain points for PCO drivers, Uber drivers or private hire drivers before they rent a PCO ready vehicle.

After reading this article, you will be able to get a clear understanding about which option is suitable for your circumstance. Example hiring a PCO car or buying a PCO car.

Let’s dive into the positive sides of PCO Car Hire.

  • No commitment for long terms, such as loan or lease.
  • PCO Car hire comes with all-inclusive. It covers your private hire insurance cost and vehicle service.
  • Able to swap or change the vehicle from time to time. After your contract period, or an emergency. (This is depends on PCO car hire company. Please check your contract documents before sign.)
  • Selection of cars available. Full flexibility on choosing cars. Example high cost you can go for an electric car. If you have a limited renting budget, then you can select Hybrid for an affordable rental cost.
  • Good for new PCO Drivers or Someone who want to try out Private hire driving.

For example, If you are a new driver, your Private Hire insurance may be skyrocketing. Renting a PCO car may be a viable option to gain some experience as a PCO Driver. At a later date, you can state and earn a No claim bonus for your insurance.

Now time to revel the negative side of PCO Car Hire.

  • You will be paying for someone else fleet every week with your hard work. You must work at least two days, to pay the rent for that particular week.
  • Since you are using your rented private hire car for private hire service. Some time you will get small damages or any corruption in the car, by the time of your return. You will be losing some part of your deposit, or some cases you may pay extra. Again, you are paying for someone else fleet to fix the issues.
  • Some time, you will be liable to pay someone else damages if you failed to inspect the car during the rental process.
  • Some time you will lose your No Claim Bonus for your insurance, and you keep paying a high premium per month. You may be depended on public transport after returning your rented vehicle.
  • You will be paying an extra admin charge with PCN (Penalty Charge Notice) payment. Some companies pay your PCN and claim the amount with an admin fee. Some companies transfer the liable to you, and you need to wait for weeks to clear the PCN Charges.

Let’s revel the questions again, which we’ve stated at the beginning of this post.

Is it worth to hire a PCO ready Car for my Private Hire Work?

Yes, but depending on an individual circumstance and other commitments. Are you planning to drive short term, or you are a new driver to private hire work?  If Your answer is “Yes”, then better to rent and try out.

This will allow you to understand the good and bad part also your commitments.

Is it worth to buy a car for my Private Hire Driving?

Are you planning to drive long term and Full-time? If “Yes”, then the answer is you better to buy. Here you will get better insurance quotes and grants. Positive direction to protect your no claims and gain no claim bonuses.

Since you are the vehicle’s registered keeper, you can sell the car a few years later and buy a new one. Maybe you can go to the Rent to Buy Lease plan.

Which car will be an excellent benefit for my Private Hire Work? Electric or Hybrid?

The Electric car is the good option. Also, it’s come with congestion and ULEZ exempt (more information available on the TfL website). Charging cost is cheaper than petrol. But make sure you are buying the Best Boot Capacity Electric Cars.

Planning to buy a brand-new electric car, then you can get some decent discounts, grants and support (more information available on the GOV UK website). So better to consider green free vehicle.


Final thoughts about the above situation (buying or renting) , we would like to express entirely depend on an individual circumstance. The decision is always in your hand.

Full-time self-employed drivers can go for a new electric car with adequate boot capacity. Part-time and newcomers, can try out with rented PCO Cars.

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