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Explore Dundee, a city bursting with Scottish charm, where historic ships meet cutting-edge design at the V&A. Discover its rich maritime past, sample the lively nightlife, and delve into world-class museums. For seamless travel throughout your Dundee adventure, see below Taxi Numbers Dundee to get you where you need to go.

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36 Milton St, Dundee DD3 6QQ

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Johnston St, Dundee DD1 5BT

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15 Hoylake Pl, Dundee DD2 3WR

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More About Dundee

Dundee: Scotland’s City of Design, Discovery, and Delight

Nestled on the banks of the River Tay, Dundee is a city bursting with Scottish charm and a surprising mix of heritage and cutting-edge innovation. Once a powerhouse of industry, Dundee has transformed itself into a cultural hub, earning its title as the UK’s first UNESCO City of Design. Visitors are captivated by its lively waterfront, compelling museums, historical ships, and a spirit of creativity that permeates the city.

Explore Dundee’s Rich History

Delve into Dundee’s maritime past at the RRS Discovery, the very ship that carried Scott and Shackleton on their legendary Antarctic expedition. Wander through the McManus Galleries, a stunning Victorian Gothic building housing a treasure trove of art and artifacts. Step back into the industrial era at the Verdant Works, a beautifully restored jute mill that tells the story of Dundee’s textile workers.

Immerse Yourself in Design and Innovation

Dundee’s design scene is world-renowned, and the crown jewel is the V&A Dundee. This architectural masterpiece on the waterfront houses stunning collections of Scottish design and exhibitions from around the globe. Stroll through the city, discovering playful public art installations, street murals, and creative spaces that reflect Dundee’s vibrant spirit.

Enjoy the Waterfront Renaissance

The revitalized waterfront is the heart of modern Dundee. Relax in Slessor Gardens, enjoy panoramic views of the Tay, and admire the sleek lines of the V&A building. Explore the area’s independent shops, cafes, and restaurants – the perfect spot for a leisurely lunch or a vibrant evening out.

Beyond the City Centre

Venture out and discover Dundee’s surroundings. Take a scenic walk up Dundee Law, an extinct volcano offering breathtaking city views. Explore Broughty Ferry, a charming seaside suburb with sandy beaches and a picturesque castle. Golf enthusiasts are spoiled for choice with world-class courses nearby, including the legendary Carnoustie.

Practicalities for Your Dundee Visit

  • Getting There: Dundee is easily accessible by train, bus, or car. The city also has a small airport with flights from London.
  • Accommodation: Dundee offers a wide range of accommodation options, from budget-friendly hostels and guesthouses to stylish hotels.
  • Food & Drink: Enjoy traditional Scottish fare, international cuisine, and a thriving craft beer scene.
  • Events: Check Dundee’s events calendar for festivals, concerts, exhibitions, and more throughout the year.

Dundee: A City that Surprises

Compact and easy to explore, Dundee packs a punch with its unique blend of history, design, and waterfront charm. Whether you’re an art lover, history buff, or simply seeking a delightful Scottish getaway, Dundee promises a memorable experience.

FAQ about Dundee

How do I book a taxi in Dundee?

There are several ways to book a taxi in Dundee. You can call a taxi company directly (find numbers above on Taxi Numbers Dundee), hail a taxi on the street, use a taxi app, or book through your hotel.

Are taxis expensive in Dundee?

Taxi fares in Dundee are generally comparable to other UK cities. Fares are regulated and calculated based on distance and time. You can get an estimated fare quote from most taxi companies before booking.

Do taxis in Dundee take card payments?

Most taxis in Dundee accept card payments, including contactless options. However, it’s always a good idea to confirm with the controller or driver when booking.

Are taxis safe in Dundee?

Taxis in Dundee are licensed and regulated for your safety. Look for the official taxi license displayed in the vehicle and always use reputable companies.

What is Taxi Numbers Dundee?

Taxi Numbers Dundee is a directory service providing contact information for taxi and private hire companies operating in Dundee.

Does Taxi Numbers Dundee offer price comparisons?

Taxi Numbers Dundee does not directly compare prices. However, you can contact various companies listed on the directory to get quotes and compare.