National car rental launches driver service in China

National car rental launches driver service in China

Consumers of National car rentals are now able to guide transportation, including cars and experienced drivers, primarily through the websites and mobile apps of Chinese companies. The Chinese government offers a unique challenge to website visitors with restrictions that prohibit tourists from renting cars or trucks or driving domestically without the short-term permission of the Chinese government.

Ryanair partners with

Ryanair has partnered with

Ryanair has partnered with for car rental. By integrating the platform via air routes, Ryanair will send more rental car reservations than ever before. As a result of the best buyer trips through the internet, mobile phones and application platforms, prospects not only receive the widest range of vehicle alternatives available. It also similar to personalized dynamic offers for car leasing 60,000 locations in 160 countries

Government unveils £50m plan to create first all-electric bus town

Government reveals £50 million plan to create “the first complete electric bus city in the UK”

England’s parliament can get up to £ 50 million to change all local buses to run on battery by 2025 through a new government competition. The government has set out to create the “first all-electric bus city in England” as part of a new funding competition launched today. Its aim is to promoting the development of a more environmentally friendly and reliable local transportation network offering.

Fast and inexpensive transport should be correct throughout Britain. HS2 doesn’t help

If members of the Boris Johnson Cabinet decide to immediately green light HS2, they hope to know what they are doing. Notice that the high-speed routes in the current configuration benefit mainly London and only exacerbate the North-South Gap and all its associated sectors. You probably know. This scheme demonstrates all the faults of transport policies that luxury mobility as an economic engine and tourists as feed.