The UK is brimming with romantic destinations, from charming countryside retreats to picturesque seaside spots and historic cities.

As Valentine’s Day 2024 approaches, it’s the perfect opportunity to explore romantic getaways that promise unforgettable experiences.

Best Romantic Secluded Getaways-Valentines Day Picks 2024

This year, immerse yourself in the essence of love and connection, with destinations that cater to every romantic desire. From the charming countryside to the captivating city lights, each locale offers a unique blend of enchantment and intimacy.

Whether it’s a tranquil retreat or a vibrant adventure, our selection of romantic getaways for 2024 is meticulously curated to ensure your Valentine’s Day is not just celebrated, but cherished.

Whether you’re seeking a foodie love-in, an arty cool escape, or a nature lovers’ paradise, the UK has it all. Here are some of the best romantic getaways in the UK that are sure to set the mood for a memorable and romantic experience.

Key Takeaways for Best Romantic Secluded Getaways

  • The UK offers a variety of romantic destinations, including countryside retreats, seaside spots, and historic cities.
  • The best romantic getaways in the UK cater to foodie love-ins, arty cool escapes, and nature lovers.
  • Charming and unique accommodations such as quirky bedrooms and lakeside liaisons are available for a romantic stay in the UK.
  • The UK boasts a range of romantic hotels that provide sultry surroundings, elegant escapism, and city splendour.
  • From dreamy seaside towns to historic and glamorous cities, the UK offers countless destinations perfect for a romantic getaway.

What are romantic secluded getaways?

A romantic secluded getaway is a trip for two to a place that is isolated from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, allowing you to focus on each other and enjoy quality time together.

It’s a chance to escape the pressures of work, family, and social obligations, and simply reconnect with your partner in a beautiful and intimate setting.

Here are some popular types of romantic secluded getaways, each with its own unique charm:

  • Beachfront bungalows: Wake up to the soothing sound of waves lapping at the shore, spend your days basking in the sun and building sandcastles, and enjoy candlelit dinners on the balcony as the stars twinkle above.
  • Private villas with pools: Luxuriate in your own private oasis, where you can take refreshing dips in your infinity pool, savour gourmet meals prepared by a personal chef, and soak up the breathtaking views from your sun loungers.
  • Secluded cabins in the woods: Disconnect from the digital world and reconnect with nature. Hike through sun-dappled forests, snuggle up by a crackling fireplace, and gaze at the star-studded sky from your cozy porch swing.
  • Treehouse retreats: Channel your inner child and escape to a charming treehouse nestled among the leaves. Sway gently in the breeze, listen to the birdsong, and enjoy breathtaking panoramas from your leafy hideaway.
  • Yurt glamping: Experience the magic of camping with a touch of luxury. Yurts offer spacious and comfortable accommodations, often with amenities like plush bedding, wood-burning stoves, and skylights for stargazing.

Choosing the perfect romantic getaway depends on your preferences and priorities. Consider factors like:

  • Location: Mountains, beaches, forests, or deserts? The world is your oyster!
  • Ambiance: Rustic and charming, luxurious and pampering, or somewhere in between?
  • Activities: Hiking, swimming, exploring charming towns, or simply relaxing?
  • Budget: Set a realistic budget to avoid any unwanted surprises.

Remember, the most important ingredient for a successful romantic getaway is your loved one. So, pack your bags, ditch the to-do list, and get ready to create lasting memories in your own little slice of paradise!

Romantic Getaways in the UK

Escape the ordinary and ignite the spark with a romantic getaway in the UK.

Picture cozy cottages nestled amidst rolling hills, charming villages embraced by rugged coastlines, and historic cities exuding timeless elegance.

Savour candlelit dinners in Michelin-starred restaurants, hand-in-hand strolls along windswept beaches, and indulgent spa treatments in countryside retreats.

From the Scottish Highlands’ untamed beauty to the Cornish Riviera’s sun-kissed charm, the UK offers a kaleidoscope of experiences to rekindle the flames of love. So, pack your bags, whisper sweet nothings, and embark on an unforgettable journey to romance.

Foodie Love-ins at The Double Red Duke

Foodie Love-ins at The Double Red Duke is the perfect retreat for couples who appreciate the art of fine dining.

Pull up a stool at the kitchen counter to marvel at the chefs at work, or opt for a banquette in the sociable dining room or the wild-at-heart conservatory. Indulge in a feast of rump steak and triple-cooked chips, wood-fired celeriac, and delica pumpkin pie, followed by a delightful sticky toffee pud.

The Double Red Duke Cotswolds - Romantic Getaways in the UK
Image Credit: The Double Red Duke

The cozy lounges, with comfy sofas and flickering fires, provide the ideal setting for post-dinner white negronis. With nineteen exuberant bedrooms featuring original beams and emperor-sized beds, this retreat offers a touch of hedonistic luxury.

For a step-back-in-time romance, contemporary-cool interiors, and seriously good food, The Double Red Duke is the place to be.

Arty Cool at Port Hotel

The Port Hotel in Eastbourne is a hidden gem for art lovers.

With its gothic-looking charcoal black facade, this Victorian townhouse turned boutique hotel exudes gentle, cosseting romance. The hotel offers a delightful picnic hamper for a romantic walk on the South Downs.

The Port Hotel Romantic Secluded Getaway
Image Credit: The Port Hotel

Inside, the property is all about playful elegance, with eye-catching interiors and high-ceilinged bedrooms in beautiful dusky pink and cream Battenberg hues.

The hotel’s picturesque setting and charming Victorian contraptions, like the incredible copper bathtub, create a perfect romantic atmosphere. If you’re looking for a unique and romantic experience, the Port Hotel is the place to be.

For more information on amenities, the hotel offers parking and health & wellbeing facilities. See the hotel’s website for details.

Nature Lovers at The Tawny

The Tawny is a nature lover’s paradise, offering a serene escape surrounded by woodland stretches and atmospheric follies.

Guests can indulge in the Roman Baths-style outdoor pool and explore the enchanting surroundings. The spa, with its GAIA treatments inside a quaint thatched cottage, provides the perfect setting for relaxation and rejuvenation.

The Tawny - Romantic Secluded Getaways for Nature Lovers

Meals at the leafy-walled Plumicorn Restaurant are a magical experience, with giant bauble lighting and passion-flower adorned furniture creating a whimsical atmosphere.

Valentine's Day Pick - Romantic Secluded Getaways

For those seeking a romantic retreat, The Tawny offers Wildwood Huts starting from £250 and Boathouses/Treehouses from £400, including breakfast.

Click here and check more about The Tawny Extraordinary 💘 Romantic Experience

The unique accommodations and picturesque setting make it an ideal destination for couples looking to reconnect with nature and each other.

Quirky Bedrooms at The Bell Inn Ticehurst

Those after elements of surprise should pick The Bell Inn Ticehurst, an absolute looker of a red brick 16th-century coaching inn, renovated with romance at the forefront of mind.

The Bell Inn Ticehurst - Romantic Gateways and Romantic Bedrooms
Image Credit: The Bell Inn Ticehurst

Eccentric is the watchword in its 11 slumbering spots – seven rooms (names include ‘the moon wild’ and ‘smiles of memories’) and four lodges – dressed in woodsy shades with king size beds, artful silver birch branches as bedposts, a vintage typewriter here, a ‘wardrobe to shake a stick at.’

Lakeside Liaisons at The Samling Hotel

Few spots in the UK are as romantic as the Lake District, with its poetry-inspiring peaks and shimmering meres, tarns, and waters.

One of the loveliest spots to bed down in is The Samling Hotel, a 12-room bolthole on a hillside on the fringe of Lake Windermere.

The Samling Hotel - Best Romantic Escape UK - Lake District
Image Credit: The Samling Hotel

Horticulturally minded lovers will adore rambling through its 65 acres of fell-side, hay meadows, and bluebell-sprinkled woodland, and discovering the ornamental garden and its cascading ponds.

Accommodation is divided between the main manor house and a clutch of revamped cottages and farm buildings where the Lakes’ calming surroundings are.

Looking over Windermere from the Samling
  • Location: Lake Windermere, Lake District
  • Views: Over Windermere (to the south) and the Coniston Old Man (to the west)

Seaside Romance at The Gallivant

The Gallivant is the perfect seaside retreat for couples looking for a romantic getaway. With Camber Sands’ rolling dunes on the doorstep and Rye’s cobbled streets a short drive away, the location of this adults-only boutique hotel is hard to beat.

The Gallivant Romantic Escape UK
Image Credit: The Gallivant

The dreamy bedrooms range from cosy, timber-walled cabin suites with sea-and-sand colour pops to luxury garden rooms with oversized rattan lighting providing a sensual glow. The hotel also offers picnic hampers for the beach, where guests can pick from fish and chips, Caesar salad, crab cocktail, and more.

For a relaxing retreat that feels like a home away from home, The Gallivant is a 4-star beachfront hotel that will make you feel like you’re waking up to the sound of the sea and the sun rising behind the ocean. From fresh rose petals scattered on the bed to a pre-run petal bath when you enter the room, The Gallivant goes above and beyond to ensure your seaside romance is extra special.

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Sultry Surrounds at L’oscar London

L’oscar London is the epitome of sultry and elegant escapism. Nestled in Holborn, this lavish hotel is a stone’s throw away from Covent Garden, the British Museum, and the Royal Opera House.

L'oscar London - Romantic London Escape
Image Credit: L’oscar London

The opulent interiors, adorned with peacock motifs and mirrored ceilings, exude a dark and sexy ambiance.

Designed by acclaimed French designer Jacques Garcia, the hotel boasts full-throttle opulence throughout, with Lalique butterflies adorning bathroom taps and a black-tie dress code for the ambiance.

Elegant Escapism at No.1 by GuestHouse

No.1 by GuestHouse in York is the perfect place for a romantic escape. The grand Georgian townhouse-turned 38-room boutique hotel offers playful elegance in every detail.

From the eye-catching interiors to the high-ceilinged bedrooms, every corner exudes charm and sophistication.

No 1 by GuestHouse - Romantic Escape in York, UK
Image Credit: No.1 by GuestHouse

For a truly elegant and romantic experience, No.1 by GuestHouse is the ideal choice for couples seeking a memorable getaway.

City Splendour at Gleneagles Townhouse

Smack bang on St Andrew Square, the little sister outpost of Scotland’s most famous countryside retreat is an on-the-money reimagining of the former Bank of Edinburgh.

best romantic hotels in the UK - Romantic Escape in Edinburgh - Gleneagles Townhouse
Image Credit: Gleneagles Townhouse

The wellness space at Gleneagles Townhouse offers around 40 complementary classes, making it a haven for health and wellbeing enthusiasts.

For couples looking for a romantic escape, the hotel’s cosy fireplaces and welcoming bars provide the perfect setting for a cozy and intimate getaway.

With its luxurious amenities, including a spa, golf courses, and the only two Michelin-starred restaurant in Scotland, Gleneagles Townhouse is the ideal destination for a romantic and indulgent retreat.

Best Couple Getaways in the UK

This picturesque nation offers an array of romantic destinations, from idyllic seaside towns to historically rich and elegant cities.

Each location is adorned with an abundance of romantic dining options, catering to every preference. While we may not all embody the charm of Hugh Grant, we pride ourselves on our warm hospitality and unique charm.

Whether you’re organising a romantic retreat, embarking on a journey of self-discovery, or seeking to ignite a new romance, our curated list highlights the UK’s finest and most romantic getaway destinations, tailored for every kind of love-inspired adventure.

  • Lake District, England
  • The Cotswolds, England
  • Cambridge, England
  • Applecross, Scotland
  • West Shore, North Wales
  • Newcastle, County Down, Northern Ireland
  • Carlisle, Cumbria
  • Dumfries, Scotland
  • Gretna, Scotland
  • Exeter, Devon

Cornwall is a classic for a deluxe staycation on England’s southwest coast as laidback beach life meets boutique stalls and magical sunsets – and there’s something oddly comforting about sharing a pasty. A world away from big city life, love is in the air during every season at Cornwall’s concealed coves, sprawling beaches and colourful seafront villages.

Romantic Hotels in the UK

If you seek a city hotel offering enchanting experiences, exquisite dining in a countryside retreat, or a coastal haven where sunrise greets you by the ocean, UK hotels excel in delivering romance.

To assist in your planning, we have compiled a list of the most romantic hotels in the country. Highlighting unparalleled charm and elegance, the best romantic hotels in the UK include:

  1. Foodie Love-ins: The Double Red Duke
  2. Arty Cool: Port Hotel
  3. Nature Lovers: The Tawny
  4. Quirky Bedrooms: The Bell at Ticehurst
  5. Lakeside Liaisons: The Samling Hotel
  6. Seaside Romance: The Gallivant
  7. Sultry Surrounds: L’oscar London
  8. Elegant Escapism: No.1 by GuestHouse
  9. City Splendour: Gleneagles Townhouse


In conclusion, wherever your romantic journey takes you this Valentine’s Day, remember that convenient and reliable transportation is key to a seamless experience.

As 💘 Valentine’s Day 2024 beckons, romantic secluded getaways offer couples an escape into intimacy and beauty unparalleled in previous years. These hidden gems, from serene beaches to tranquil mountain retreats, promise unforgettable moments, where love flourishes away from the world’s gaze, crafting memories that linger long after the stay.

For all your taxi and private hire needs, always refer to our comprehensive directory. It’s designed to help you find the best travel options.

The UK is a treasure trove of romantic destinations, each offering unique experiences. From the bustling energy of city hotels to the serene beauty of seaside locales and the rustic charm of countryside retreats, there’s a perfect spot for every romantic inclination.

Embrace the diverse romantic landscapes the UK has to offer, from the scenic vistas of the Lake District to the historic elegance of Cambridge and beyond. Prepare to embark on a journey filled with love and discovery. So, pack your bags, join hands with your significant other, and set off for an enchanting and memorable romantic adventure in the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best romantic hotels in the UK?

The best romantic hotels in the UK are: The Double Red Duke for foodie love-ins, Port Hotel for arty cool, The Tawny for nature lovers, The Bell at Ticehurst for quirky bedrooms, The Samling Hotel for lakeside liaisons, The Gallivant for seaside romance, L’oscar London for sultry surrounds, and No.1 by GuestHouse for elegant escapism.

What are the top 5 most romantic hotels in the UK?

The top 5 most romantic hotels in the UK are: Coworth Park in Ascot, The Portobello Hotel in London, The Gilpin Hotel in The Lake District, The Gleneagles Hotel in Scotland, and Cliveden House in Berkshire.

What are the best couple getaways in the UK?

The best couple getaways in the UK are: Lake District, The Cotswolds, Cambridge, Applecross in Scotland, West Shore in North Wales, Newcastle in Northern Ireland, Carlisle in Cumbria, Dumfries in Scotland, and Exeter in Devon.

Where can I find romantic UK holiday destinations?

You can find romantic UK holiday destinations in countryside boltholes, seaside towns, and historic and glamorous cities across the country.

What are the most romantic getaway destinations in the UK?

The most romantic getaway destinations in the UK include countryside boltholes, seaside towns, and historic and glamorous cities across the country.

What are some essential spots for a romantic getaway in the UK?

Some essential spots for a romantic getaway in the UK include countryside boltholes, seaside towns, and historic and glamorous cities across the country.

What are some romantic UK holiday destinations?

Some romantic UK holiday destinations include countryside boltholes, seaside towns, and historic and glamorous cities across the country.

What are the best romantic weekend getaways in the UK?

The best romantic weekend getaways in the UK include countryside boltholes, seaside towns, and historic and glamorous cities across the country.

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