Hiring a minicab is a new sensation in London. To make transportation smooth and pocket saving, minicabs can help people on a higher level. People in London are very much familiar with hiring a roadside taxi and reach their destination. But now they are enjoying the minicab service too. Minicab took place in practice in 1960 and never went out of the track. Cab service has become a common need today. And minicab is making the same service more convenient and personalised. With the help of the internet, now one can book a cab in advance and make the transportation hassle-free.

Check the types and quality of the vehicles when hiring a minicab

When you choose a genuine minicab service providing company, you will automatically get all the required details. Generally, they provide the type and quality details of the vehicle before you start with them. If you have little knowledge about cars, you can guess which type of vehicle can best satisfy your requirements.

If you are a keen lover of luxury vibes and comfort, minicab services can best satisfy you. Cab service is excellent, and minicab service is just better because it is more personalised and offers the highest level of comfort. The inside and outside of the vehicle are of suitable condition. If you want extra convenience, you can check that your chosen companies can provide or not.

There are a lot of companies who mention all the details like the age of the vehicle, number, driver details, road information and so many other things to their customers so that they can maintain the best level of comfort.

Compare transportation fare

Money matters! Spending high at a low-quality service is not a smart act; instead, it wastes your time, money and ruins your mode and even makes you tired. There’s no logic on adjusting with a screen price without comparing the fares with other service providers. You can enter the same route and distance and check the fare. By checking fares, you will have a general idea about the actual fare. You can then easily decide the amount of money you need to spend on transportation, and according to your budget, you can choose one minicab service provider. 

Taxi fares for your Journey in London 

Black Taxi

Basic Fare Start

Fare Range

Taxi Start (Normal Tariff)


Between £3 - £6

Taxi 1Km (Normal Tariff)


£3 - £9.60

Taxi 1Hour Waiting Time 

(Normal Tariff)


Between £30 - £60

Note: This is information purpose only. Full price and peak and off peak fares may vary. Please click here to check TfL Taxi fares and full PDF Download. 

Private Hire and MiniCab fares for your Journey in London

Private Hire / MiniCabs

Basic Fare Start

Fare Range

Private Hire / MiniCab Price 

(Normal Tariff)


Between £5 - £7

Private Hire / MiniCab Price 1Km

(Normal Tariff)


£5 - £7.00

Private Hire / MiniCab

1Hour Waiting Time (Normal Tariff)


Between £25 - £35

Note: Above details are an information purpose only. Full price and peak fares and off peak fares may vary. Please call the Private Hire or MiniCab Company for your full journey price. 

Check the license and Driver ID

To provide the cab service, your provider must hold a license. Along with the provider, the driver should also have this. A license proves that a driver can reach your destination safely, and he or she has proper training and practice. Along with this, a License also confirms that the service provider is genuine and takes all the safety responsibilities. You may not live in London, yet you can book a minicab service here and stay safe as all the activities of the service provider are under the government’s attention. And the UK government always treats individual foreigners along with its countrymen. 

Check your drivers Identity.  Make sure the picture on his badge or profile is really the same as your driver. Never accept a ride unless booked through a company. 

To check London Taxi and Private Hire Licences –  Please visit Transport for London (TfL) Licence Checker.

Proper customer support

An active customer support unit is the base of quality service. Generally, all the popular cab service providers have quality customer support units so that they can satisfy all the requirements efficiently and instantly. From any booking related problem to raise a refund- everything can be done within minutes with excellent customer support. 

Check the ratings and reviews

‘How other people felt with us’ matters truly to you, we know that, and that’s why we keep opening our review and rating section. It is a common yet essential thing to check before taking any service or buying a product. Smart people always check the reviews, understand, and then pick the best one. All the accessible taximinicab or private hire service providers have a review and rating section, and from there you can guess about their service quality.

From the Google local listing, you can check what our customers are saying. But you need to check the genuine reviews to understand the actual service quality. There is another smart way of checking reviews and ratings, and that is you can visit selected taximinicab or private hire social platforms and check what people are saying about them and their popularity. 

These are the 5 essential things that you need to check before taking a minicab service in London. By following all these easy steps, you will easily choose the best one for you according to your budget and make your transportation regime hassle-free.

London is the city, where showing a hand can stop a car and let you get the ride. But that is not the trend anymore. Now people are more concerned and prefer to move safely. Trusting any random one on the street is not the best option as you do not have details about the driver, vehicle, and service quality. Previously it was the only option we had. But now you can have all the required information, pocket-friendly fare, and smooth journey easily with the latest technology trend.

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